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The purpose of this essay is to get you, as an entrepreneur, or as a teacher of entrepreneurs, to think positively about the absolutely wonderful ambiance in which entrepreneurs are operating, and how you as a creator of entrepreneurs must think!

We are living in an age of exceptional opportunity, for folks of all ages, sizes, shapes, heritage, and personal persuasions. The game is wide open for ANYBODY!!!!!!!!! There are so few limits to finding their way to exceptional success in life – if they TRULY want it.

The key is, we are truly living in the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR!!!!!

No, it is not because the economy is good, or bad (but in my opinion it does not matter if times are good or bad, opportunity is always knocking)!

Nope, it is not because there are plenty of jobs available, (but even in times of high unemployment, the future looks absolutely wonderful, anyway)!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, I have met young entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses for millions of dollars while they are still in High School, and for hundreds of millions of dollars just a few years out of school. And, there are many wonderful entrepreneurs who are staying young by fulfilling their dreams by starting their businesses in their golden years – often finding the power they never knew they had within them for the first 60 or 70 years of their lives.

Color does not matter, poverty doesn’t matter, in the entrepreneurship game, nobody can blame their failure to thrive in life on anything at all, except their own failure to take control of their own life and destiny, through entrepreneurship.

Education is not the key, though often it does help a lot (but learning and knowledge are).

It doesn’t even matter if the world is at relative peace, or at war!!!!

Without question, more than at any other time in the history of mankind, EVERYBODY, IN ANYPLACE IN THE WORLD, has a wonderful chance to find their SUCCESSFUL NICHE IN THE WORLD through entrepreneurship.

It is an incredible time we live in, a time where even the poorest of the poor, in the most inaccessible most remote location in the world, can become successful by finding a need, taking the first steps to starting their own business, and solving the problems around them.

Entrepreneurship allows the willing, the eager, the excited, the passionate, the bright, the “believing” to FIND FULFILLMENT through earning their living and impacting the world through their own WITS, and through the wonderful powerful brains we each possess – if we stretch them.

Entrepreneurship provides the VEHICLE, AND THE PROCESS for mankind to fully utilize the power of our minds.

Cool, Huh!!!!!

This is a mega change in the power structure of the world – truly! Anyone now can find success, and have the power to make an impact on the world through entrepreneurship.

The key is, they must take action, they must choose to take the first step, and try their luck at Entrepreneurship!!!!!

They may fail, but so what, entrepreneurship tolerates failure – and entrepreneurs learn so very, very much from their failures.



In the “good old days” of just a decade or two ago, young people world wide had to spend decades learning the ropes and trudging up the ladder before they got the power to control their own destiny – if they ever reached that position!!!!! Their future was in the hands of those above them. If they made a single mistake, or didn’t play the game right, their future careers could be destroyed – period!

Today, as entrepreneurs, they create their own destiny!!! They can’t wait!!! They don’t have to wait!!!

We are clearly in the age of knowledge, information, action. Things change incredibly fast now. Those who know how to gain knowledge and information, AND act upon it have no limits!!!

If you come up with a new idea that solves a problem, fills a need, and has a niche that you can identify and target, you may have a real shot at making it.

The winners of the future are those who create their own future!

Those who just keep doing things “as we always did them” are the losers of the future.

Look at everything you interact with today – and how fast it is changing. I can clearly attest to that – I used outhouses and crank telephones when I was a kid.

It is estimated that knowledge (what we know) doubles every two years, and with technology changes, this will soon happen every six months, if it isn’t true already. This should remove any wonderment you may have as to why the big old cumbersome companies of the past are decaying, and many are dead, they just haven’t rolled over yet and collapsed (hello GM, are you still awake?)

Don’t fight it, enjoy it and join it! Join the Age of the Entrepreneur! Be entrepreneurial in all you do. You must insure that you are the one in charge of causing some of the exciting changes of the future, not just a bystander wondering what happened!


There are several keys to making it in the future wonderful world of Entrepreneurship.

  1. Stop worrying about bad times and troubles! Don’t read the fear mongering in the papers! Disruption, change, churn, chaos are the breeding places of the future. That is where the action and opportunities are. Embrace chaotic change, it is the entrepreneur’s friend.

  2. Think like an entrepreneur 24 hours a day, in all you do, in everything you are involved in! Look for an opportunity, a problem you can conquer, a path to something new, in all you do - then act on it.

  3. Do not forget that even the biggest firms need entrepreneurial thinking to survive! Save them by your entrepreneurial thinking (but be aware of the fact that many big firms fear entrepreneurial thinking, and want to protect their past glories, fearing change). You may get fired for being entrepreneurial, but then you will be free to chart your own course. Many grand entrepreneurial success stories have been created by folks who were fired from big firms for thinking entrepreneurial!

  4. Don’t be negative – the entrepreneurial mind is ALWAYS positive. If you get fired, remember, that losing your job provides a grand incentive to take that first step on the business idea you have always had deep within you.

  5. When you catch yourself saying “they ought to do something about this”, remember, I have never met “they”. You must be the “they”, be the entrepreneur who recognizes opportunity in problems – so do something about it yourself.

  6. Constantly thrive on and seek knowledge in life. It is the life’s blood of the successful entrepreneur. But then, it is critically important to act on it, and figure out how to use it to fulfill a need or solve a problem.

  7. Be thinking BIG, always!

  8. Seek out challenge and risk (but be sure it is a risk you can impact and mitigate by your ability, knowledge and leadership). Only a fool plays the lottery, the successful entrepreneur only bets on a deal where they can impact the outcome by their action, wits and knowledge!

  9. Action is the key ingredient for entrepreneurial success. There are millions of timid souls out there who had great ideas, but never took the first step to pursue them and see if they really were good enough to be born.

  10. You must BELIEVE! You must BELIEVE in yourself! So very many opportunities go unfulfilled because people hesitate and do not think they are “good enough” to do it. How the hell can you possibly know that, if you don’t try it. And, if it works, WOW!, what a grand ride you will have. If you don’t believe, and don’t at least take the first few steps, you are guaranteeing that you are not good enough to be an entrepreneur. Now that is just plain DUMB! Don’t fail by omission! At least go down trying, and having fun, and learning. Then, if you do fail, start another business and succeed. Most billionaires I know have failed at least 2 or 3 times before winning.

    Winning comes from growing! Failure is a part of the growth experience. I teach failure. Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and learn from it. Certainly you are good enough to test the waters and find out if you are entrepreneurial, and if your idea flies. How can you doubt that.

  11. Stop making excuses! “Just do it” is the old adage that has heavy truth to it. If nothing else, experiment with starting a business on the side. Don’t invest the mortgage money, but pursue it with the play money you have that you would have blown anyway on toys and trinkets and Café-Latte-Frappe-Crape! If you make it, think of how many much better toys and trinkets you can buy, and you can own a coffee plantation of your own!

  12. If you are a winner at entrepreneurship, you know inherently that you just have to control your own destiny, and you act. Losers spend their lives making excuses and blaming others for what they didn’t do! Which are you?

  13. Finally, entrepreneurs, and winners, have fun in all they do. Find your passion in life that excites you, and be sure it is something you really enjoy doing!

Now, please say the following ten times, quietly, within your heart and soul, and do this everyday until this medicine takes full effect on your heart and soul, and you win:


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