Dr. Fred Kiesner
Honored to be teaching entrepreneurship since 1968!
Proud to be teaching at LMU since 1974!

Dr. Fred Kiesner

"Entrepreneurship Program. Creating the future with Ethics and Social Responsibility
Since 1972."

THE TEE SHIRT � Created by former student Mark Kuli, who distributed hundreds of them to my students!!!!! Great fun!

Grampa Fred, with his favorite shirt!

This shirt was presented to him by his students upon his retirement from LMU.











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Professional Resume
Grampa Fred Enoying Life!
Retired and Loving Life.
Creating Entrepreneurs:
Making Miracles Happen

My Book
Mentor of the Century
Grampa and his favorite shirt.
Pirate Grampa Fred
Practicing For His New Career As A Pirate In Training!
50 Years of Wedded Bliss
Best wishes for 50 more happy years!
LMU's Entrepreneurship Awards
Meet LMU's entrepreneurship student leaders, recent alumni and Wall of Honor recipients.
LMU's Entrepreneurship Programs
The Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship offers a wide array of co-curricular programs to supplement the curriculum and enhance the student learning experience.
On Campus with Dr. Kiesner
Dr. Kiesner's Thoughts on Small Business Ownership and Operation. Circa 1980.
Fred Kiesner, head of entrepreneurship program at Loyola Marymount University, to retire next month
Article about Fred Kiesner in the Daily Breeze
"The Paper" (PDF)
The Paper That Has Been Inspiring Generations
Crazy Like a Fox
My Views on Teaching Entrepreneurship
Thoughts for the Water Closet
100 Or So Thoughts for Life...
The Age Of The Entrepreneur
Something to Chew and Think About
LMU Christmas Greetings
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
The Kiesner's Rock
The Debut DVD of the Next Rock Star Family
Comments from My Students
at My "Irish Wake" (Video)

(I Fooled Them and Did Not Die!)
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Fred Kiesner... In Action
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